Privacy Policy

RESPECTING INDIVIDUAL’S PRIVACY We always respect the personal information of individuals, thus always keep it safe and confidential. We are committed to protect the privacy of your personal information and never disclose it to unauthorized personnel. Our well-trained staff respects individual’s privacy and act as per standard policies and procedures.

COLLECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION In order to inform about product or services, Investoxpert may collect personal information of individual. The personal information collected comprises of name, date of birth, email or postal address, financial details, PAN number or any other information which Investoxpert is liable to collect as required by the law. We may request you to fill a form containing relevant information. If you have availed any product or service from Investoxpert, we will collect and store your personal information for a variety of purposes like:

We will, if it is important, collect latest information about you (like change in postal address, phone number, etc) by sending regular updates or reminders.

DISCLOSING AND USING PERSONAL INFORMATION In order to serve your specific needs in better manner, we may disclose the personal information to brokers/real estate developers or service providers described below:

KEEPING PERSONAL INFORMATION UPDATED AND ACCURATE It is our responsibility that whatever personal information we collect from individual and disclose it to anybody should be complete, updated and to the best of our knowledge. This is the legal requirement of our business. If at any point of time you think that your personal information is outdated or incomplete, please contact us for correction. We appreciate your co-operation in updating our records.

PROETCTING PERSONAL INFORMATION We store information of individuals in both electronic and manual format. Because your personal information is important for us, thus Investoxpert takes relevant measures to protect and minimize the information loss, disclosure or unauthorized access. We follow certain policies to protect your information like:

PRIVACY ON THE INTERNET We shoulder complete responsibility that the personal information shared by you at our website remains protected. For instance, our website is well-protected with firewalls and data encryption. We use user passwords and other access codes for accessing anybody’s personal information.

THIRD-PARTY ADVERTISEMENT SERVERS Investoxpert hires the service of an advertisement company for displaying advertisement at our website. These advertisements may comprise of cookies. While Investoxpert website also contains cookies, but details of cookies with banner advertisement collected by the advertisement company. We do not have any access to cookies with banner advertisement.

RESOLVING PRIVACY ISSUES If you have any issue with Investoxpert’s Privacy Policy or want to raise any issue, you can either speak to our staff directly or drop us mail at