Indian real estate market is quite lucrative not only for Indians but for Non-Resident Indians also. The real estate market is showing an increasing trend and offers good capital appreciation if investment is made at the right time and at the right location. However, there are certain rules and regulations formed by RBI while making investment over Indian land. Especially, if you are Non-Resident Indian (NRI), you need to follow certain guidelines with respect to nature of property, taxation, POA, etc., while making purchase of any residential or commercial property. But no need to dishearten as Investo Xpert is there to take care of entire real estate needs.

Benefits to NRI by getting associated with Investo Xpert

NRI’s can take advantage of our real estate advisory, legal consultation, home loan services, documentation part and other value added services as per their requirements.

Since the inception of company, we have been managing real estate portfolio of NRI clients and giving unbiased advice. If required, we have re-jigged their portfolios by making investment in such properties which will generate good returns in the long run.

Even if they are owners of any property in India and have a desire to sale it, we will assist them in the best possible manner. Our extensive market research and realty market updates will even enable clients to make sound decision.

Have a desire to see our portfolio or want to talk with some of our NRI’s clients before getting associated with us, visit our office once and get answer of all your queries.